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The importance of CNC planer slot machine operation procedures

by:Ragos     2021-06-14
CNC planer operation procedures of the importance of a slot machine, operating rules 1, the operator must be familiar with machine tool operation instruction and the performance of the machine tool, the structure, it is forbidden to use super performance. 2, should be stipulated in the equipment point check card before starting the check each part of the machine tool is complete, normal, machine tool for reliable safety protection device. 3, as stipulated in the lubrication time come on, check the oil, oil, oil and oil is normal, keep clean lubrication system, oil tank, oil eye shall not open. 4, the operator must be strictly according to the numerical control machine tools operation steps, without the consent of the operator and other personnel shall not start. 5, push the button force should be moderate, not flap forcibly keyboard, buttons and display screen. 6, work surface is not allowed to put other items. 7, machine tool failure or abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop check, ruled out. 8, the operator leave the machine tool, conversion rate, the size of the replacement of cutting tools, measuring, adjust the workpiece, should stop. 9, work after the completion of the various parts of the machine tool should be brought in a state of nature, and cut off power supply. 10, properly keep the machine tool accessories, keep machine tools clean and in good condition. 11, complete machine cleaning work, keep clean, earnestly implementing hand-over formalities and fill out the hand-over records. The safety rules: 1. Workers should wear tight cuffs tighten; The female comrade to wear helmets. 2. Should check each component before operation and safety device is safe and reliable; Check the equipment electrical part safe reliability are in good condition. 3. When the machine's operation, adjustment shall be, measuring artifacts and change the way of lubrication, in case the hands touch the tool collision fingers. 4. Don't hand in work to remove waste. 5. When loading and unloading workpieces, clamp should be back to a safe place. 6. Special padding should be used when mould installation pad is good, prevent collision.
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