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The hydraulic system oil temperature should be controlled in the scope of what

by:Ragos     2021-06-11
For the working characteristics of different hydraulic equipment, the requirements of the oil temperature is different also. General of oil equipment, the working temperature of the oil in the 30 - Between 60 ℃. For high pressure hydraulic equipment system or a program control system, in order to reduce the leakage, to maintain the stability of system, requirement for the oil temperature of 50 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃, for precision machine tool hydraulic system oil temperature, should be controlled within 60 ℃. Because the oil temperature is too high, will give equipment hydraulic system caused a lot of harm. 1, excessive oil temperature can reduce oil viscosity, increase in the volume within the system and components of leakage, reduce the oil pump volume efficiency, make the work device of slow movement. 2, high oil temperature rise after lower the viscosity, would increase the oil through the throttle valve port holes or cracks type of traffic and make the original adjust the velocity change of good working device, influence the stability of the system work, reduce the working precision. 3, the oil temperature rise high viscosity reduced, will make the system components thin lubricant film on the surface of the relative movement and increase the mechanical wear, and even cause failure. 4, the oil temperature is too high will accelerate the oil oxidation, reduce the service life of oil, the oil from the precipitation impurities will jam the damping holes and cracks type valve, the normal operation of the system. 5, the oil temperature is too high will make packing element metamorphism, quickly lost its sealing performance. After 6, high oil temperature rise will make the original hydraulic thermal expansion, make the fit clearance decreases, and affect the valve core is moving, serious when even stuck the Lord. 7, the oil temperature is too high will cause the machine to produce hot deformation, impact and effect the precision of machine tools and machining quality of products.
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