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The government for punch industry in all kinds of support policy

by:Ragos     2021-03-07
“ From the perspective of the development of China, the government no support policies for punch industry in Japan and South Korea. ” Plum tree, said her in the policy, driven by China's press industry is gradually established a research and development system, industry related to support ability has been strengthened. At present, the press has preliminarily established from punch applied basic research to industrialization development system, the industrial and service industrialization, special punch press technology research and application system, punch cutting edge technology reserves, etc. , have made great progress. “ From the perspective of industrial punch production such as research and development, the northeast, the Yangtze river delta and the beijing-tianjin-hebei region development is good. ” Plum tree her said. Among them, the northeast old industrial base of the domestic, it is the earliest engaged in industrial punch production areas. Yangtze river delta region is automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing enterprises in China, it is important to press brake machine press automation company to gather. Beijing-tianjin-hebei region because of its technical superiority, punch industry has been developing, covering areas including industrial punch and its automatic production lines, industrial punch integration application products and services. Development system preliminary established, is vigorously promote Chinese press industry technology innovation constantly, to develop the core components and key technology research, break through the key technology of the bottleneck, improve product stability and reliability.
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