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The electrical machinery working with biennial REEL manufacturing sales punch press in China

by:Ragos     2021-02-09
With the development of science and technology, the rise of the world's advanced manufacturing technology and matures, puts forward higher requirements on nc machining technology, ultra high speed cutting, application of ultra-precision processing technology to every part of the performance index of CNC punch press put forward higher requirements. Recently, the electrical machinery production is working with biennial REEL announced press brake machine production and sales in China. To provide technical and brand rights electrical machinery to the biennial REEL. The biennial REEL will be established in China by joint venture factory production of high-speed precision punch press and difficult-to-machine materials such as 6 kinds of products, and in the local sales. Plan 3 years nissan 30. Through this cooperation, can take to enhance the awareness, and focus on domestic high precision with high added value, the production of ultra high speed punch. And originally engaged in press brake machine machine maintenance and peripheral biennial REEL through the cooperation formally entered the press brake machine production areas. The company was established in August 2012, the suzhou yoshihama high-speed precision press brake machine technology co. , LTD. The products of the cooperation between the two companies have a 45 tons, 60 tons, 30 tons, 80 tons, 60 tons wide-body high-speed precision press brake machine, 80 tons of punch wide-body difficult-to-machine materials, a total of 6 kinds of products. It is reported that Japan's duty since 1993 investment in factories in Shanghai, China, with its fine solid technical strength and the professional quality of products and after-sales service in the fierce competition in the Chinese market set up industry in the high-end brand image, and win the praise of the water heater industry leader.
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