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The domestic press market weakness when recovery?

by:Ragos     2021-04-15
We have learned, at present in our country, high-grade press brake machine products, the market competition is far from enough, especially in the field of high-end products, and export growth last year is a foregone conclusion, enlarge export growth factor is that the domestic market demand, to increase efforts to develop the international market, combined with the European and American market demand for equipment recovery and redesign of the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry policy and ease the employment pressure, etc. In addition, the first ten months of last year China's machine tool products total imports rose 2. 1%, recent growth for four consecutive months are positive growth, according to data, from January 2012 to October, machining center, lathe, grinding machine, special machine tools, forming or stamping machine in all kinds of metal processing machine tool imports the top five, among them, the machining center imported 4. 20000, 47 value. $400 million, accounting for more than 50% of imports of metal cutting machine tool, in metal processing machine tool imports accounted for 41. 3%. Although China's machine tool industry output value is first in the world and for ten consecutive years to present the situation of high growth, but the entire industry structural contradiction is increasingly outstanding. Machine tool market situation is very serious this year. It is worth noting that China's machine tool industry association survey of key enterprises: although machine tool market is generally weak, but in high-grade CNC machine tools and corresponding product does not appear obvious drop, non-standard, personalized product demand growth trend, according to the monthly export data of machine tool products, the growth has slowed by early last year's double-digit growth gradually to the single digits, and the last August and October to negative growth, trends are clearly in downlink channel, national defense and other key parts mainly focus on the user processing process, domestic high-end machine tool products share is very small, and that there are quite a part of all sorts of problems. Often product homogeneity and price war, countries such as Germany and Japan, the main business for the Asian market, especially the Chinese market launch of a new strategy that is based on high-end leading down, focus on expanding the mid-market, these developments further aggravated the plight of domestic machine tool industry, enterprises need to focus on handling several relations, one is the short-term interests and long-term interests of the relationship between the second is the relationship between scale expansion and the product level 3 is the hardware and software construction of four is the product research and development and industrialization.
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