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The domestic machine tool enterprise technical strength increase domestic punch level increase greatly

by:Ragos     2021-06-21
With the strengthening of enterprise independent innovation awareness, and the increase of the domestic enterprise technical strength, the level of the domestic machine tool increase greatly. Since the 21st century, the development of China's machine tool industry has never been lower than 15%, the scale of continuous growth of the industry for many years has been to the world, China's machine tool industry is gradually developed as a strategic status and economic status and basic and pillar industries. Many large machine tool enterprises also cost on high precision, high quality products and research and development of intelligent, automation, energy conservation, environmental protection and other excellent properties of products. Shanghai sany precision machine co. , LTD. , is typical of these enterprises, the annual sales revenue of 7% ~ 10% on research and development, set up r&d center in Germany, Japan, is committed to create the world's highest quality. In the first half of this year to launch all kinds of machine product not only of 9, gorgeous appearance, high level of refinement, with the trinity of pure machine characteristics and individual character, also reflects the rigorous and careful pursuit of quality, shows the trinity of pure machine deep tillage machine tool market ambitions. Huazhong numerical control co. , LTD. , have also launched huazhong type 8 high performance CNC system. Including the HNC - High-grade CNC system, the HNC - 848 And HNC - 818 standard CNC system 808 compact type numerical control system and so on three kinds of classification. It is understood that the system has full digital field bus, multi-channel, multi-axis linkage, high speed and high precision, easy to use, such as complete performance characteristics. Performance can be seen from the above company domestic machine tool companies are vigorously promote mastery and application of high-end technology, innovation can greatly improve, but can not deny the fact that current our country machine tool industry is still at mid-range levels, large-scale high-end machine tools or dependent on imports, especially the demand of the nc system and machine tool key parts, the weakness of the whole cause of nc machine tool industry in our country cannot enter & other; The machine world powers & throughout; And continue to intensify scientific research is inevitable, especially should pay attention to & other; Efficiency & throughout; And & other Innovation & throughout; , combining theory with practice, pay equal attention to basic research and applied technology research. At the same time, the support of national policy are necessary, which is the precondition of any industry rapid development. In the numerical control machine tool industry, Europe and the United States and other countries in promoting the development of the domestic machine tool industry one of the common characteristic is the continued support of national policy. According to China's current five-year plan, high-end equipment manufacturing was placed on the strategic emerging industries, the future will focus on the development. Advanced machine tool manufacturing is an important part of the high-end equipment manufacturing, so the industry will be able to get from the central and local government subsidies for research and development. Enterprises and the support of the country, still need to implement to the talent. Even the rapid development of science and technology today, automated application scope is more and more widely, however, people still is the key factor, high-end talent cultivation is a large cost for enterprise investment, but such investment will inevitably lead to higher returns.
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