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The domestic first new camshaft grinder machine tool companies to develop successful in jack

by:Ragos     2021-06-21
It is reported, in not long ago, jack machine tool co. , LTD. And the northern power co. , LTD. Signed a large high-end production equipment & ndash; — JKM8330 CNC camshaft grinder orders. According to the China machine tool network ( machine35. com) Understanding, honorary President of China machine tool industry association Liang Xunxuan for both sides highly of cooperation: & other; As the machine tool industry upstart, jack machine surprise every year, the who made the first domestic large-scale, camshaft grinding machine order, created a new chapter in the field of new type camshaft flexible manufacturing & throughout; 。 Machine tool is the second largest industry jack holding group, located in the high-end CNC grinding machine and CNC grinding center for special purpose, in recent years, jack machine has gradually out of a unique flexible manufacturing system, the automation of complete sets of technology and equipment of the road of integration innovation. Northern power is China's internal combustion engine manufacturing and mechanical and electrical products import and export of large backbone enterprises. The pursuit and desire of national industry, make the two companies to JKM8330 CNC camshaft grinder orders, hand in hand toward the road of strategic cooperation. It is understood that the signing JKM8330 CNC camshaft grinding machine, with a clamping and realize CAM grinding camshaft is concave and convex surface 2 meters long, width of composite CAM grinding, and other functions, is the first large, camshaft grinding machine. At present, the world there are only three countries such as America, Germany and Russia to master the core technology, import prices and our products are in the tens of millions of yuan, and jack machine tool product the price is only one-third of imported products.
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