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The disadvantage of CNC turret punch press and introduction

by:Ragos     2021-02-10

With the development of technology, a CNC turret press brake machine press. This kind of machine tool because of its many advantages, has been widely used. This kind of machine with hydraulic cylinder drive hit head, stamping by electro-hydraulic servo valve control. So are a type of promotion in the pressing speed. CNC turret press brake machine press up to more than 1000 times/min. Second, since the hydraulic cylinder stroke can be controlled, so can by controlling struck a head trip to adjust molding, easy to use. CNC turret punch press control struck at work head compression mold, stamping can reduce the noise. In addition, through the communication with the manufacturers, can undertake rolled steel, slitting and other mold processing ( Mechanical) 。 Because all of these advantages, so the hydraulic press has been widely applied. CNC turret punch press is still exist many problems, first of all, the demand is higher, to the environment temperature is too high or too low will affect the normal work of the machine tool. If the temperature is too low, < 5 degrees) , you need to preheat before work. Second, CNC turret press brake machine press big power consumption, is the largest all kinds of CNC turret punch press inside power consumption. It was generally in more than 30 kv.

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