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The difference of 200 tons of hydraulic press die casting accuracy test

by:Ragos     2021-06-03
in the two different blank its production process, now the market price is also different, the latter offer ordinary higher than the former. If don't differentiate between the two kinds of blank, pressure casting of cheap quote, will appear error, affect efficiency and even lose time. 1, the slider, and guide precision. Slider is the direct work of press parts, cast steel is generally selected integrally cast, may choose the casting steel milling processing and manufacturing. Slider and the precision of the slideway is a whole, the open punch is commonly two guide rail, guide rail choose V and rectangular, v-shaped guide rail, also known as guide rail, guide rail contact surface has four. Rectangular guide also calls the six sides guide, guide six pieces of contact surfaces. All of the guide rail plane are conducted using the guideway grinder precision grinding, leverage appearance in the process of equipment for measurement, and do research processing to ensure the accuracy for the cooperation. Closed punch for four guide commonly, general right Angle type guide rail. First affected the accuracy of sliding block and guide the original due to machining accuracy and process equipment. 2, slider balance equipment. Rapid rail type in processing 200 tons of hydraulic press slider down, after the work will be the opposite effect by mould, the effect of force and guide precision fault trajectory attacks will make the slider work fine changes. Equipped with sliding block after balance device, can make the slider and guide in parallel work. 3, the slider base and precision work station. Sliding block bottom mold mold equipment, work equipment, mold and other feed material. Two working table of material are all made of cast steel material may cast steel plate. First using milling machine milling after casting, and then use surface grinding machine for grinding, ensure its accuracy. Use instrument to measure equipment demand, find fault blow grind to adjust in a timely manner. 4, rapid rail type 200 tons of hydraulic press equipment environment and suspension footing. Large tonnage punch, precision press brake machine, high speed punch in the device's demand in the casting shockproof pit to equipment, according to its different punch equipment for pouring hole pin bearing. Small punch generally selected shockproof footing on equipment. Difference between the two ways: the blank from shape, very, very difficult to difference between the two kinds of process to produce out the blank. If the to after polishing is a part that is harder to difference. Thus, it will only upside down against and arbitration: - Die casting is common is & other; Structure & throughout; , and the die casting die forgings is & other; Efficacy throughout a &; 。 “ Structure & throughout; With & other; Efficacy throughout a &; Are compared. Vortex flow degree which refers to ordinary support, the intensity of the impact, high temperature, pressure, and surface treatment, heat treatment, etc. Typical goods is hair idea, wheel hub, piston, connecting rod, cylinder brake hoof, pneumatic or hydraulic valve body, etc. The former is thought as the door frame, instrument layer board, hair blouse, etc. 1, press working mesa above and below the slider is straight degree 2, below the slider and mesa parallelism between the above 3, the slider moves up and down and mesa verticality above 4, mold handle straight Angle of hole and the slider below 5, and links of the intercellular space of the sum of punching precision influence on stamping products running accuracy is directly related with the press brake machine parts rigidity, good rigidity punch operation precision is relatively high.
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