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The difference between punch die casting and die casting die forging blank

by:Ragos     2021-06-24
Punch in the two different blank its production process, now the market price is also different, the latter offer ordinary higher than the former. If don't differentiate between the two kinds of blank, pressure casting of cheap quote, will appear error, affect the benefit even owe. Difference between the two ways: the blank from shape, very, very difficult to difference between the two kinds of process to produce out the blank. If the to after polishing is a part that is harder to difference. Thus, is reversed only creations and arbitration: one is die casting is normal & other; Structure & throughout; , and the die casting die forgings is & other; Efficacy throughout a &; 。 “ Structure & throughout; With & other; Efficacy throughout a &; Are compared. Vortex flow degree which refers to ordinary support, the intensity of the impact, high temperature, pressure, and surface treatment, heat treatment, etc. Typical goods is hair idea, wheel hub, piston, connecting rod, cylinder brake hoof, pneumatic or hydraulic valve body, etc. The former is thought as the door frame, instrument layer board, hair blouse, etc. From the material composition on justice. Ordinary are forging classes due to die casting alloy, alloy with other name is often produced by die casting die forging process. Three from blank to arbitration on its outer surface processing requirements. Such as aluminum die casting, because of containing silicon, and because of the die casting process to produce the blank, outer surface with microscopic pores, anode surface after combined treatment can have this kind of material & other; Black spots & throughout; 。 Thus, such as the blank for anode combining, the blank don't use the conventional die casting process to produce. Long four from metallographic organization for arbitration. Die casting and die casting die forgings on the metallographic very, very easy to difference. The former is dendrite shape as-cast organization, the latter is the average crushing grain forging state organization.
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