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The difference between punch and die forging press

by:Ragos     2021-05-06
Deep throat punch all blank in its production process at the same time, the market price now is different, it is higher than the former full takeover. Should not be the difference between the two Spaces, pressure casting cheap, errors will occur and can even affect the efficiency of the differences between two blank owe way: from modelling, very, very hard, have the difference between the two processes of rough. That to look forward to the tilting punch, are part of the henan zhengzhou punch press brake machine by throwing more difficult to distinguish. Therefore, only the other way around, the anatomy of the judge:; The first casting is a common structure; And die forgings part of efficacy and effectiveness of the structure are compared. Ordinary vortex punch accessories flow means that it spent the latter, the high temperature, pressure, strength, and surface treatment, heat treatment, etc. Typical products are single cylinder engine, wheel, piston, connecting rod, brake shoe, press brake machine factory pneumatic or hydraulic valves, etc. The former such as doors, instrument racks, such as the engine work clothes. The material composition of press brake machine factory from the referee. Since the common casting alloy is fake, give other alloy, is usually produced by the die forging process name. Third, from the rough surface referee's processing requirements. Such as aluminum die casting, because it contains silicon, and through the casting processing of rough surface has a tiny hole, the material is processed the anode surface compounds with black spots. Blank, therefore, if you need the anode compounds, deep throat press this rough will not through traditional foundry method of production.
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