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The development trend of combined punching and shearing machine

by:Ragos     2021-01-20
In & other; Five-year & throughout; National machinery industry science and technology in the open plan blueprint, clear plan for machinery industry science and technology of open policy is represented by the machine the warp and woof of fine production equipment, large-scale automatic control and measurement instruments of self-reliance pioneer talents, is the key with localization. Our policy will be associated payments into into the open of the enterprise, promote enterprise open faster, will also hold our cars, ships, aerospace, military industry, light industry, household appliances, petrochemical and other professional in large, fine forming machine equipped with urgent demand, intellectualize combined punching and shearing machine industry growing in our country. Combined punching and shearing machine is the promoter of Chinese industry, during which more than 85% of the parts are produced with large forging press is equipped with. Depends on the skill set different forging enterprises in China, development of new products from time to time. Combined punching and shearing machine is high iron catalysts. Along with the high speed of setting up plan and investment plan to expand domestic, rail equipped with demand increase from time to time, any associated closely with machine tool demand of rolling stock and track equipped with demand will increase dramatically, which is made of the supply and demand a lot of demand for machine tools. Leader of forging career in our country, through years of widely used over hydraulic press product produce high sales, useful to ensure the rolling stock and track needed for high-speed trade with supply. The enterprise produces the equipment has a very high quality assurance, to ensure the safety of China's high-speed rail smooth establishment and active.
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