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The development of hydraulic press in 2018 in China will be more smoothly

by:Ragos     2021-03-11
About hydraulic press industry, now is not limited to the domestic market, to the foreign market, the embodiment of the press brake machine industry in China is the same. professional in the traditional market steady progress with active open up new market, and is used to be negligent marginal market has been developed. In lighting and display, rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, lightweight, cars driven by rail transportation and other fields of punch industry level made significant progress in our country, these elements make create a fruitful CNC press brake machine press shop. According to statistics, China's oil hydraulic press have been exported to more than 170 countries and regions, is destructive. In 2018, following & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; The growing influence and made in China & other; 2025' Unceasingly thorough, our country the development of mechanical press manufacturing will be more smoothly, no matter about the punch mould is still the other manufacturing professionals, it is a good sign, trust in the New Year, our country punch machine, you will achieve more brilliant career achievements, regional companies will gain more and more outstanding performance, press brake machine professional will be carried out in our country is getting better and better!
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