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The correct way of using the punching and stamping die

by:Ragos     2021-05-07
Improper punch operation or stamping die attached type causes punch mutilate and the length of the first reason. Moderately develop press brake machine operators and stamping die attached can ensure that they are based on the exact process to carry out the operation. This will be very, very quick decrease down time. Before each shift operation, the brake shaft filling lubricating oil at various points to the manipulator lever oil musket ball jobs in daily shift filling 20 & ndash; With 30 watch oil amount, clutch parts every day shift gas gun pressure lubrication. Each class of mechanical carry out before downtime. Check the fasteners, supplement the external missing parts. Check the clutch and spring, belt. Check the sawing machine lubrication installations. Check the electrical circuit damage, aging, motor, electric magnet is normal. Check the crankshaft guide precision and wear conditions. Check the brakes, clutch, slider, collapse, collapse. Check the electrical control part. The fuselage workbench connecting bolt alterations and regulation. In accordance with the requirements for puncher mechanical varieties and different polishing, statutory targeted, practical safety operation regulations, and to carry out the necessary job training and safety education. Using unit and fuck the editor must abide by the provisions of the design and manufacturing units to provide safe use instructions and operation regulations, accurate use, pick up. normal safe operation requirements are as follows: before moving facilities, to check whether the manipulation of punching parts, clutch and brake in static effectively, safety protection installation is complete works, grasp the slider authority by presence of abnormal. Detect abnormal shall immediately take necessary measures, and shall not, in spite of forbidden use and mutilate security installation. Must be approved by idling trial run before a formal work, make sure each part of the rear can normal work. Should be QingTong before starting the work on the stage all unnecessary objects, dyke driving vibration fell wounded person or slider suddenly hit the switch from the start. Operation must use tools, forbid to get things straight into die with the hand, hand tools may not be on the mold. In punching die mold parts estuary regulation coordinates or took the card within the mold parts jie, feet must leave the foot pedal. People operate unified punch should be consistent refers to the people, the signal is clear, make a clear promise to each other, leave the crisis and determine action again. All of a sudden power failure or power should fail, after operation and the manipulator recovery to the gap of the clutch, brake in brake static. To punch in picking up repairing, regulation and the installation, adjustment, tear open mold, should be in sawing machine disconnect resources ( Such as electricity, gas, liquid) Carried out under conditions of operation, sawing machine has ceased and add put under the slider block reliable support. Sawing machine start switch in front on alert. , we all know that it is further used in industrial, machinery, produce, in our opinion, as we are very very little in life use puncher, in fact, many, many situations in life also used press brake machine. Life, for example, car hood hydraulic parry, part of the car suspension system chassis settlement system, the box of hydraulic car, Can settlement) , the settlement of hydraulic machine, hydraulic elevator, etc. , these places are used punch. Important utility is the skills by forming press brake machine press, hydraulic press is constant pressure molding of group pressure required to carry out the holding, delay and automatic may constitute, delay can be in accordance with the regulation requirements, common press brake machine has good rigidity, pressure stability, fast compression features, important for aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, such as difficult taxiing dust alloy materials group heavy rod die forging forming, provide equipment for the development of the national heavy flight parry as well as for the heavy plate and fruit of structure provides a guarantee. To punch top very, very useful in our daily life, the range of punch press spread to very, very wide also.
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