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The composition of hydraulic press overload protection device characteristics

by:Ragos     2021-01-28
Overload hydraulic press brake machine maintenance device is called the load of the maintenance device, its installation on the hydraulic precision press brake machine, used to detect fine inside the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic presses the slider. In precision hydraulic press practice beyond the punch load can promise the biggest, the overload device maintenance will launch soon, to maintain press mold, complete emergency braking, card die out, drop in cohesion clearance, sensor offset load, and so on. Then the overload the maintenance operation of the device and how? Here, mechanical professional and technical personnel, rounding the overload device maintenance process: when there is overload fine produce hydraulic punch press, overload maintenance equipment will immediately launch, will be the top slider internal hydraulic oil suction oil channel ( The top of the oil channel in the middle position is equipped with check valve) , when the booster pump pu actuation can prevent sucked up the hydraulic oil flow, and when the oil in the hydraulic booster pump pu, for so far valves have prevent the reverse flow of hydraulic oil, and thus the hydraulic oil along the hydraulic pipe flow to the second oil channel. Second oil channel is also installed with a check valve to prevent the reverse flow of hydraulic oil, and in the second open have a hole in the oil channel, to connect a hydraulic cylinder, and the pressure relief organization system in the end oil channel 2, whereby the pressure of the hydraulic oil through the top and second oil passage and flows into the oil cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder strength and make fine and frame type hydraulic press slider to make a stamping action; When fine and frame type hydraulic press stamping to processing objects, the pressure of hydraulic cylinder is instantly reach the highest point, at the moment in relief organization of micro switch signal is transmitted to relief organization with pneumatic tube electromagnetic valve works and closed, to suspend the shell injection by booster pump pu of high pressure air, and make the hydraulic oil is pushing the piston moving back, resulting in through the drainage hole drainage channel, to regulate the oil pressure of hydraulic cylinder, and then to make fine and frame type hydraulic press hydraulic pressure within the slider can quickly was acquitted of efficacy, played the maintenance of die and press brake machine from the root of intention.
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