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The composition of CNC turret punch press and its development trend

by:Ragos     2021-02-15
CNC turret punch press is a kind of mechanical processing equipment, belongs to the category of nc machine tools, commonly used for many kinds of sheet metal stamping, especially for medium and small batch or single is particularly suited to, it can take advantage of cutting out of the hole size and shape or parts. CNC turret punch press cutting way can be a single, can also be a step, face it elaborates the composition and the development trend of instructions. 1. Of CNC turret punch press is composed of nc system and machine tool body of two parts. Numerical control system by the numerical control device ( Includes a built-in PLC) , feed servo system, the spindle servo system. By feed drive unit, servo system of feed click and position detection device. A spindle servo system consists of the main drive unit and the spindle motor. Machine body is composed of machine tools of various mechanical components, including support department, the main lathe bed, column moving parts, cutting tool, the feed movement components library ( Knife tower) , inversion and epicenter tight, lubrication system, etc. Is the core of CNC turret punch press, CNC system consists of two parts, hardware and software. Its main function is to properly identify and explain the nc machining program, for a variety of parts contour geometry information and command information processing, processing and the result was distributed to the corresponding unit, such as continuous control quantity to drive control device and machine tool electrical switch control, logic control device control function Tuo part of implementation of nc machine. The function of the numerical control system mainly includes: ( 1) The preparing work before processing, involves starting point parameter, cutting tool parameter setting, graphics programming and machine status display, etc. ( 2) To transmit control signals to the servo system, servo drive system of numerical control gear transmission to reception, control the movement of the machine tool, including decoding procedures, speed control, interpolation algorithm and position control procedures and spindle control program. Machine ontology is the main part of the CNC press brake machine press, now its structure can be divided by sliding table arrangement built-in and built-out type and offset type, the structure is stable at present, the domestic manufacturer is basically the structure of the reference to foreign. 2. Development trend with the rapid development of modern science and technology and widely used, advanced manufacturing technology has become an important technology to ensure the current development of manufacturing. Now competition in the market for product design and manufacturing updates fast, cost-effective, prompting companies constantly develop new products, in order to keep their products in the market share. Rely on advanced manufacturing technology, CNC turret punch press performance in recent years had the very big enhancement, the development of the main goal is to improve the spindle speed, improve the feed speed, shorten the auxiliary time, improve the accuracy and has better function. First of all, machine tool spindle speed rise generally, the spindle speed has reached to 40000 r/min. The spindle assembly structure, main shaft bearing materials, bearing lubrication way, motor and bearing cooling and vibration-proof measures are a lot of work. Feed speed improvement including the increase of cutting feed speed and fast movement speed increase. Numerical control device in order to realize high speed feed adopts rapid processing method, using 32-bit computer numerical control devices, etc. In the aspect of mechanical structure, adopts the optimized design, also improve the feeding speed. In terms of shorten the auxiliary time, also has made great progress. Auxiliary time included in the time of blade, cutting tool is close to or leave the artifacts, etc. , many machine tool change time reaches 1 & ndash; 2 s, and some have reached 0. 5s。 In recent years rapid development of high speed, high precision nc machine tools, great attention by industry. High speed, high precision nc machine tools on the nc machining efficiency and improve the quality of our products has very important role, has become the important direction of manufacturing technology.
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