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The choose and buy should pay attention to nc feeder 5 big problem

by:Ragos     2021-01-13
1. The punch machine, power and the stiffness and the mobile range should be with the nature of the process and the most appropriate cutting parameter. Such as rough machining process to remove the blank allowance, cutting allowance to choose large, requires a machine has big power and good rigidity. 2. tape feeder structure depends on the machine size, the influence of processing factors such as the weight of the workpiece. 3. Punching machine, working accuracy and process requirements of machining accuracy. According to the requirements of the parts machining accuracy of machine tool choice, such as low accuracy requirement of roughing process, should choose low accuracy of machine tools, precision demanding finishing process, should choose high precision machine tools. 4. The size of the punch machine, main specifications should be adapted to the outline of workpiece size. Small artifacts should choose small specifications of the machine tool processing, while large workpiece choose large size machine tool processing, accomplish the rational use of equipment. 5. The clamping is convenient, simple fixture structure is also choose punching device is a factor to consider. Choose to adopt horizontal punch tape feeder, or vertical punch tape feeder, will directly affect the choice of the structure of fixture and processing coordinate system, to the difficulty of the directly related to the numerical control programming and the reliability of the numerical control processing. Should note that when choosing punch machine, should make full use of the function of the numerical control equipment, according to the need for reasonable development, to expand the function of the press brake machine machine, meet the needs of the product. Then, based on the selected punch tape feeder, further optimization of the nc machining program and process route, according to the need to adjust process.
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