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The choose and buy of CNC punch press method

by:Ragos     2021-02-25
According to the different industries, the choice of different function. Do the chassis to choose turret mould complex CNC punch press, used for processing line, up, up the bridge of complex holes. The two rotating location is important. Other purposes of CNC punch press, the mould complexity requirements, it is not too high. Qingdao east and science and technology co. , LTD. Design and production of CNC press brake machine press price have many choices. 1 case, cabinet, such as sheet metal processing for CNC punch press, according to the turret mould number is different, the specific configuration is different, the price difference. 2, such as mesh filter tube solar processing for CNC punch press, according to the feeder size is different, different configuration, there are differences between the price of 3, plate plate punching, need to use thick plate in the numerical control punch press, and there are differences between the CNC punch press plate tectonic and prices different 4, automobile production enterprises, the blunt longeron and other large steel need CNC punching production lines, with CNC punch press difference is very big, usually said prices different 5 CNC press brake machine press, mechanical drive, hydraulic drive of CNC press brake machine press, the price is different. 6, punching accuracy of plus or minus 0. 1 mm 7, other parameters, different model different, regular is 2500 * 1250 mm, there are other size selection.
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