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The choice of punch press electrical control circuit components

by:Ragos     2021-04-28
Due to the change of control circuit component parameters and damage, the control system failure, make a punching failure accounted for about 30%. Therefore, choose reliable component in the control circuit, are important part of design work to ensure safety. Designers must pay attention to the following points when choosing control circuit components. ( A) Due to press brake machine in the workplace has a larger impact and vibration, so the control circuit of the device must have resistance to impact and vibration characteristics, to ensure that the necessary response speed and stability. ( 2) Under the condition of the environment and use and its life period, the parameters of the components and features must be stable. For key components, must strict aging and screening work, to guarantee the quality of components. ( 3) Leave a margin when you select components. Try to reduce the components in the load with the possible conditions, and strictly control in allowing parameters within the scope of operation, to ensure the life of components. Therefore, to master component parameters and actual running situation, in order to get the right choice. ( 4) Select element process, not only to refer to components product samples and brochures, at the same time, to collect samples and manual data, continuously learn new components, application of new components. The final design personnel according to the master of information and technology, and bear the manufacturing department and common test data, select element, to determine the installation method and the fixed method.
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