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The characteristics of ordinary punch punching technology and die design

by:Ragos     2021-02-08
Because of things easy press brake machine features, its punching technology and die design has the following features: 1. Shallow punching die, general used for single-mode chamber at the end of the finish forging, by blocking the other actions. In partial luckily cut lotus not eve, can also be puttinged two mould chamber. But should not be the center of the die chamber gap across the screw pitch circle radius. 2. Because press brake machine stroke are not fixed and ejector installation, and spread more suitable for closed die, thorough die and long pole upset forging. When used for kneading and trimming process, in the mold ( Or in actions) Using would travel on installation. 3. Because there are ejector installation, can reduce the die Angle to 1 & deg; Before and after. 4. Because stroke rate is slow in the bore, the metal in the mould stay time is long, fast cooling, in is filling mould chamber to die poor some beats. Die shallow not across three times. 5. Because the hit rate is low, the mold can reference joint layout, then cylinder mould making process, shorten the production cycle deep throat press brake machine, and quarter steel and fruit drop.
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