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The characteristics of CNC punch press

by:Ragos     2021-02-27
Today's industrial production, the product development cycle and manufacturing cycle shorter, more and more high to the quality of the product requirement, at the same time, the product variety is also more and more, the product batch is becoming more and more small, it is a challenge for the sheet metal industry, and thus require sheet metal processing equipment with high productivity, high flexibility and low cost of production. In order to cater to the processing concept, domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop and perfect the design and manufacturing technology, for the sheet metal processing industry provides a series of CNC sheet metal processing equipment, such as CNC punch press is one of them. CNC punch press at present with its convenient, quick, high precision and is used by the domestic many powerful manufacturers, its biggest characteristic has the following several aspects. 1: easy to use, save the mould cost: CNC turret punch press is the most vitality in pressure processing equipment set machine, electricity, liquid integration products, used in all kinds of sheet metal parts processing, can automatically complete a variety of complex groove and the shallow deep drawing forming, ( Automatic processing according to the requirement of different size and pitch of the different shape of hole, also can use small punch in step blunt blunt big round hole, square hole, waist type hole and various shapes of curve contour, also can undertake special craft processing, such as blinds, shallow drawing, sink hole, hole flanging, reinforcement, stamping, etc. ) 。 Through a simple mold combination, compared with the traditional stamping, save a lot of mold fee, you can use the low cost and short cycle processing and small batch, the diversification of products, has a larger scope and machining ability, to adapt to the change of market and products in a timely manner. 2: high precision, high precision CNC press brake machine die cutting, cutting burr is small, have good flatness and subsequent workpiece processing capacity of small, high rejection rate is low, the forming quality, the impact of the processing dimensional accuracy of plus or minus 0. 1 mm, the size of the product consistency. 3: high efficiency, fast delivery time: CNC press brake machine processing speed, the average hydraulic equipment stroke rate can reach 500 ~ 600 times/min, some even as high as 900 times/min, maximum positioning speed can reach more than 100 m/min. For basic can reach a large size plate processing can be completed and not like the traditional processing, need more than one process, on a lot of different equipment for processing. So as to reduce the intermediate links, reducing the post-treatment process, reduce the mold design, etc. , and through a simple mold, CNC integrated processing, greatly saving labor, reduce the cost. 4: for cutting and forming different processing, such as CNC punch press in addition to simply by small punch, and by rotating mold processing, different graphics for processing can also be forming ( Such as blinds, hit convex, flanging) , it can also be processing thread, etc. , have a lot of adaptability.
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