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The cause of press clutch don't respond?

by:Ragos     2021-03-25
General press clutch is installed on the motor and the gearbox between the flywheel shell, with screw fixation, and the output shaft gearbox share a root, press the clutch plays a very important effect in punching process, and we in use process should pay attention to what issues? What reason can lead to press the clutch in use process will have no reaction? We first discriminant, whether the circuit has a problem, cracking, short circuit, loose coupling, etc will form a circuit can't join, and then influence the effect of press brake machine press clutch, so we need to circuit for routine maintenance, maintenance, after check ways to clean, prevent the occurrence of this problem. A second look at the foot switch, bolt into the socket, whether there is loose. The third back key tension spring, such as links to the tail bearing damage or loose, assuming that can replace a new tension spring; tension spring cracking Assumes that the roll of the end of the key links to cracking, the need to change a new key tail; Identifying whether the rolling key is damaged, if damaged, need to change the new keys, rolling key tail cracking also can make the rolling key failure.
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