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The boundary line charge cancel the small punch tape feeder

by:Ragos     2021-01-07
Minister of transport xiao-peng li: in 2019, will cancel the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, provincial boundary toll station on the highway. At the end of the last week of the mechanical manufacturing industry exhibition stamping equipment exhibition area, we can be seen everywhere on the automatic stamping equipment exhibitors to show the form a complete set of press brake machine automatic feeding device, although they are common, but can also play an important role in automatic stamping, in the punch press equipment and photoelectric protection device is a common configuration, can significantly improve stamping machining efficiency. Compared with large stamping equipment, small punch can also be supporting a variety of peripheral devices, in order to realize the automatic stamping. Next to strengthen supervision, and promote local government especially the urban people's governments at various levels to do a good job in the development of fusion, promote the taxi industry, including network about car, normative, orderly and healthy and stable development. Feeder is indispensable press brake machine automatic stamping equipment, is on a set of mould to realize the fundamental guarantee of multi-station punching, material can be automatically into the mold. Speaking of feeder selection problem, still need to root tree enterprise oneself circumstance to comprehensive selection, small press brake machine tape feeder on the choice should be large stamping equipment, needs to consider the largest feed width of material, material thickness, feeding interval and high molding machine problem to choose the feeder. Xiao-peng li, said late last year cancelled between jiangsu and shandong and sichuan and chongqing 15 provincial boundary toll station. In 2019, the department of transportation to grasp key areas and key provinces, cancel the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta region, and the focus of the northeast, southwest province expressway provincial boundary toll station.
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