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The basic classification of CNC punch press feeder

by:Ragos     2021-02-23
CNC punch press is also known as press brake machine, it is a kind of ductile metal mechanical cold usability common processing equipment, the equipment to remove plastic forming machine parts, can also on the special equipment for machine tool and the ontology of screen and pad, such as shield punching shear processing, etc. Common press brake machine has two kinds: one kind is a hydraulic press. Stamping process has the advantage of no waste or a small number of waste, high efficiency, washed the workpiece and the whole strength of the high. Another is the crank press, which is by the crank mechanism driving the slider moves up and down, lies in the slide block forming machine to press brake machine the needed materials, every rushed a cycle to complete the processing. Different tonnage punch main consideration is blunt pressure, movement of inertia and the movement of the components with inertia, impulse function, etc. , the impact frequency is limited. CNC punch press feeder is primarily for device type to determine what the feeder. Generally small punch used is hydraulic drive, hydraulic punching machine to peripheral frequent maintenance, operation mechanism and crank slider mechanism of punch automatic stepping feeding system designed, the purpose is to speed up the processing of punching machine. According to the configuration power sources are not synchronized into type feeder is divided into mechanical, pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic four classes. The hydraulic and pneumatic type of hydraulic pneumatic system related demand, the periphery of the independent small punch press is widely used mechanical and electromechanical feeding.
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