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The application and characteristics of CNC automatic punching machine

by:Ragos     2021-02-16
CNC automatic press brake machine is widely used in electronics, communication, computer, household appliances, furniture, transportation, Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle) Metal parts stamping and forming, etc. Change machine characteristics as follows: 1. High rigidity, structural load evenly ( 1) High rigidity, high precision rack, USES the steel plate welding, and heat treatment, eliminate the internal stress of fuselage technetium to make equipment long-term stability work is not out of shape. ( 2) Uniform structure load, rigidity balance. 2. Stability of high precision equipment in areas such as the main components of the crankshaft, gears, transmission shaft are after hardening heat treatment in the grinding process has high wear resistance, long-term performance and stability, to ensure that the requirements of the stability of the high precision. 3. Performance and reliable operation, safe and convenient operation, accurate positioning because the brake, which is different from traditional combined clutch/brake device has high sensitivity, coupled with the international high-end equipment general double solenoid valve and overload protection device, ensure that the press brake machine press slide block and stop the accuracy and security of the high speed movement. 4. Production automation, energy saving, high efficiency press brake machine can match the corresponding automatic feeding device, a feeding error detection, cutting, prognosis device, can be fully automated production, low cost and high efficiency. 5. Sliding block adjustment fast adjustment can be divided into manual electric adjustment, convenient and reliable, safe, fast, accuracy can reach 0. 1mm。 6. Novel design, environmental protection using Japan and Taiwan advanced technology and design concept, has the advantages of low noise, low energy consumption, no pollution.
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