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The analysis of the influence the service life of the press with fixed bed ningbo

by:Ragos     2021-03-22
Ningbo punch mould device of the specific steps are as follows: 1, should first open the ningbo punch, move the slider from top dead center position to bottom dead center position. 2, second, to shut her mouth mold in the press operation platform, fixed connection handle on the die mould, punch holes. 3, boot operation, both hands move the slider slowly down, adjust the mold handle on connecting hole. Such as the punch bottom dead center and mould can't overlap, should undertake the punch stroke regulate operation ( First shutdown, twist lock tight set of nut, fixed pin according to the climbing car nut inside, then put the car pole climbing into the hole, climbing is undertake recuperating, rotary, concluded that the appropriate location) The press brake machine and die after reclosing, pull out punch fixed pin, then clockwise to lock the lock tight sleeve nut. After more than 4, completion operations from the boot, when punching equipment after the launch press reset button, then mobile operating separate the mold. 5, mould cope with lower die for 2 - after separation Three occlusal operation, if the lower die bite is good, should be both hands running single action 1 - operation Two trips, have no problem running start homework after turn down state. Ningbo punch of convex and concave die gap is directly influences the quality of fine blanking parts section and die life spans. Stamping parts section in gap is too big, will tear caused by the cross section quality coarse; Space is too small, and affect the mould life. Reasonable gap value should be a consideration to both cross section and surface quality of workpiece, and wilt give attention to two or morethings arrives mould life extension. Sometimes in order to improve the die life, allow parts of shear plane has a small tear layer, but the tear layer cannot exceed 10% of the material thickness. If the artifacts are not required to have shining shear plane, is in the corresponding place, appropriately increasing the convex and concave die gap value.
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