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The abnormal noise wire bending machine to do

by:Ragos     2021-04-07
Wire bending machine is mainly used for metal wire bending forming, the machine has been widely used at home and abroad, and get the recognition, like the masses of users. Use after a period of time as the machine, of course, there may be some trouble, so, when the abnormal noise wire bending machine, what should we do? Wire bending machine abnormal noise mainly two things: 1, the machine precision problem is careful to distinguish the gear noise or sound of the screeching motor tail when motor is running, check the wire bending machine for loose parts, gear can also check if there is a gap between the condition allows, general regulation of time as long as the motor fixed screw it up tight line; 2, drive parameters by hand operation machine precision, in regulating, as long as the value transferred to moderate, not blindly pursue mute effect and affect the precision. The above is the reason why the abnormal noise wire bending machine and solution, hope all operating personnel to check them carefully and understand, in order to prevent you encounter the same problem in the future, if you have other questions about the machine maintenance can't solve, welcome consulting CNC.
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