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Tencent measuring children lock mode, 200 tons of pneumatic punching machine model

by:Ragos     2021-01-19
On March 1, tencent announced the public, they were testing a new tricks & ndash; — “ Child lock mode & throughout; , a minor under age 13 before the new user login for the first time in the game, will be forced to & other; Child lock & throughout; Registration of certification. Pneumatic press tonnage of 200 tons of options selected press tonnage stamping must be greater than the actual production of the stamping pressure, on the load curve and make sure the product is more than press brake machine allowable load curve. Usually tonnage selection principle is as follows: cutting, bending correction, large impact force is not more than 80% to 90% of the tonnage; Deep drawing, large drawing force is not more than 50% to 60% of the tonnage; Shallow drawing, large drawing force is not greater than the tonnage of 70% ~ 80%. Blanking bending or cutting deep drawing compound stamping, should according to the specific situation and allowable load curve of the machine tool used to determine the weight value. For thicker stampings, allow the pressure, should not only consider the punching machine and want to consider the power size of press brake machine. According to the testing process, tencent will be partial in 12 cities, for the glory of Kings, 'stimulate the battlefield 2 game new users of sampling test, the first test in Beijing, chengdu, changchun has started three cities.
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