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Teach you understand CNC punch press five related knowledge

by:Ragos     2021-03-06
Now, with the market demands for product update quickly, puts forward higher requirements on processing equipment of flexible. And the application of laser cutting machine, bringing to life the processing industry a new line. Compared with the traditional CNC press brake machine, laser cutting machine has the advantages of 3 c, 3 s: Cool, Fast cold) 、清洁( Clean) 冷静( Low noise) 确定( Reliable) 换( Security) 储蓄( To save) On the market, but in the whole processing, laser cutting machine and CNC punch tied, is this why? High-energy laser is introduced below five related knowledge, let everybody understand the laser cutting machine and CNC punch press. A laser cutting machine, processing materials can cut metal materials ( Include ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, & hellip; … ) , non-metallic materials ( Acrylic, plastic, wood, cloth, leather, carpet, etc. ) Materials. Can be carbon steel cutting 20 mm thick. CNC punch press basically only to stamping processing, metal materials are rarely more than 6 mm thickness. Two flexible from the degree of flexibility, processing, laser cutting machine has more advantages, can cut any shape, the size of the hole; The punch can only limited several kinds of specifications of the cutting hole ( 32 station turret is big) , encounter aliens, when large size hole, use a small step die punching, low efficiency, mold wear. In order to adapt to different products processing requirements, CNC punch press must be purchased for a lot of mold, But different size, the same size for different thickness of the material) , further, but also must be prepared to one place to the warehouse where the mould, and increased the mold management requirements. In addition, the numerical control press brake machine press flatness of plate, surface cleanliness requirements higher. Three, precision, roughness of laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, no stress, no deformation, positioning accuracy & plusmn; 0. 3 mm, workpiece precision & plusmn; 0. 1 mm, cutting section of exquisite and smooth; CNC punch press machining accuracy is a bit poor, blunt cutting surface have burr, workpiece deformation. Four, efficiency, cost, a plant used in punch + shearing machine, plate shears to transship to press brake machine after blanking, compared with the laser cutting machine, need more artificial. Compared with laser cutting machine, 3 kw fiber laser) And punch all the costs: electricity, consumables ( Laser cutting machine consumables is focusing mirror, ceramic body, nozzle, reflector, gas, etc. ; Press consumables is mould, etc. ) , labor, equipment depreciation, and as a result, laser cutting machine costs 179 yuan/hour, punch 174 RMB/hour. For all the sheet metal parts in the factory a product ( Carbon steel, the thickness of 1. 5 ~ 3毫米) Estimates for the efficiency of the machining, it is concluded that as a result, only 0 with laser cutting machine. 2 hours, and use punch to 0. 7 hours. Visible, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in efficiency and cost. Of course, if the product batch is large, using specially designed mold ( Such as porous mould, but this will damage the flexible) , can improve the efficiency of CNC punch press, until with laser cutting machine. Five, the function, limited laser cutting machine and CNC punch press has its functional limitations. If the need to implement the blinds, shallow drawing, sink holes, hole flanging, reinforcement, stamping, and other functions, Process) You can only use CNC punch press; For seam as shown in the image below left with the silencing of the saw blade, can only do laser cutting machine. As the leading brand of laser cutting machine industry & ndash; — Wuhan high energy laser has 16 years of experience in equipment manufacturing, and exclusive introduction of the German imported technology, is committed to building the highest cost-effective domestic laser cutting enterprise, research and development of the current production equipment including optical fiber laser cutting machine, disc and YAG laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, auto parts, advertising production, sports equipment, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils and appliances, sanitary ware, etc.
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