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Teach you how to choose high speed punch

by:Ragos     2021-03-06
one As the saying goes, choose to edit this section and other precision No diamond, don't embrace China live throughout the &; ,“ To do a good job, must first sharpen his & throughout; 。 Increasingly fierce market competition, an enterprise to continue the development, enhances own competitive ability, we should not only cost savings, more to improve product quality, production of a qualified products maybe general punching machine can do it, but all products are good, to choose and buy high precision punching machine can be guaranteed. precision main Hugh: now, parallelism, perpendicularity, three, the total clearance. Dynamic bottom dead center are within the error can be ensured, and makes the production of each product is unqualified, the mold accessories will not damage. Kone punch precision punching accuracy comparable with Japan to JIS standard, super kone special processing technology makes the crankshaft roundness, so the parallelism of top and bottom dead center are extremely accurate, not only the bottom dead center, it is in the same industry can not be done. High precision press brake machine can not only produce good products, and less damage to the mold. It not only save the mold maintenance time more to save the maintenance cost. two Speed choose to edit this section is now on the market in Taiwan and the domestic press have two types of speed known as the high speed, a kind of for the high speed 400 times/min, another is 1000 times/min. If your product mould at the rate of 300 times per minute or higher requirements, should choose the punch 1000 times/min. Because the device cannot limit to use, and 400 times/min punch typically have forced lubrication system, only use butter lubrication in the joint part. USES is the slider type and punch structure, to guarantee the accuracy in the long time working wear quickly, accuracy, mold, easily damaged machine and mold repair rate is high, and delay time, affect the delivery date. Such as jiangsu tongli punch top speed is 1000 times/min, can well meet the requirements of your speed. And using three circles guide pin type press system, precision and excellent thermal stability, mandatory under the lubricating oil has almost no wear and tear. Edit this paragraph 3, appearance structure excellent structure can ensure the precision of the equipment. The appearance of kone punch structure has become the industry to follow. Press foot pedestal is the foundation of the machine and press under the same tonnage foot pedestal of some brands under the same tonnage is small. The fuselage is the guarantee of the machine precision, kone punch fuselage, cast the Japanese shaddick company suzhou branch. Important steel crankshaft and connecting all USES steel imported from Japan. Bearing the Swedish SKF bearing, in order to make the punching ( Dynamic) Higher precision, kone punch after sliding block USES the spring balance system, and some of the punch and installed without this brand. Force, punch adopts frequency conversion motor, low power consumption, and work together under the same tonnage punch power saving 30%. Four, manufacturers scale power edit this paragraph of choose and buy equipment manufacturers scale power should also be considered. Because some spare parts for special casting, punch once the manufacturers to stop production, for future maintenance will make big headache. Kone punching technology originated in Taiwan high-speed press brake machine press is the most advanced technology, tongli group was founded in 2003, founded in shenzhen in 2007 service, kone, registered capital of 46. 68 million, since the purchase and workshop covers an area of more than 50000 square meters, has advanced production processing equipment, production has been three years, so far received praise in the industry. Five, after-sales service to edit the after-sales service is also considering the key period of choose and buy equipment, equipment use for a long time, will inevitably fail. After-sales service should consider three questions: first, the punch press manufacturers speed response and maintenance. Second, maintenance costs. Third, to buy factory itself the ease of maintenance. Jiangsu tongli punch swiftly to people with disabilities and to repair time is short, have a professional maintenance team. And kone press brake machine the PCB division switch control mode, its maintenance simple and easy, just changing the accessories such as buttons and low cost. press PLC touch screen control and other brands, once appear, the high cost of breakdown maintenance time is long, and ability to buy factory it is difficult to have their own maintenance! ! ! !
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