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Taught you how to how to change a punch press V belt

by:Ragos     2021-03-10
Precision press brake machine press V belt, between the main motor punch to the flywheel plays a motor energy transfer to the important role of the flywheel. V belt is small, but its role is irreplaceable. With the combination of load is large, continuous friction, its loss is inevitable, when the loss to a certain extent, we have to be replaced, in the process of change, we must strictly carry out according to the following steps: first, close the punch press the main power supply, remove the punch motors to rely on only one side of the flywheel, the press brake machine press V belt relaxation, to put it off to replace, must be noticed when replacing all belts must be completely new. As several old belt can still normal use, also need to remove the replacement, as spare parts. Because, when the old and new belt mixing, the elongation will dramatically reduce uneven durability. Moreover, even if the belt nominal length is the same, the actual size may vary slightly. So have to be very careful selection length consistent product. In actual change process of the technical staff, must carefully check whether there is remove the V belt under the abnormal wear and tear, in maintenance table for check the punch press, such as the normal maintenance, still appear excessive wear, it must be to press brake machine gear overhaul. Precision punch V belt standard specifications shown in the table below, this specification is applicable to stroke number & other; V” HZ. ( Such as travel & other; H” Change and use in 60 hz, the belt specification also follow changes) 。 Model 15 to 25 to 35 45, 60, 80, 110, 160, 200 B - 260 specifications 75' B - 83' B - 92' B - 108' B - 117' B - 130' B - 137' B - 150' B - 171' B - 189' Actual installation, special attention should be paid to the belt tension will be dispatched to the appropriate value, if the belt tension too strong, the main motor running there will be a sound, the service life of motor bearing shrink substantially, more serious when the shaft has broken, so the V belt tension adjustment, must make the belt with the appropriate degree of relaxation. Usually detection method is: in the belt span center, with the hand pressure, such as belt subsidence quantity just reach the table below value, then can confirm qualified belt tension, special attention should be paid to here, the belt should be after a few days time to completely with belt grooved. Must be completed in a few days after the inspection on the belt, whether to need to adjust the belt tension test. Save the belt, should choose to sunlight, heat and moisture are less, and pay attention to prevent grease attached above. Make the V belt produces tension load and the corresponding relationship of the amount of flexure shown in the following table. The belt type load - About) Corresponds to the span length of the amount of deflection type A 0. 8 kg per meter: 16 mm type 2 B. 0 C 3 kg. 5 kg press V belt replacement need to be professional and technical personnel
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