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Talent gap hold punch industry back in smoke near schools but also sell sugar

by:Ragos     2021-05-28
Recently, the reporter visited xiamen tongan district around the store some elementary school, found in the store are sold a candy shaped like cigarettes, the cigarette packing for candy, completely imitate the famous cigarette brand candy, just printed on the outer packing & other; Throughout smoke chewing gum &; The words, if not write these words, really can achieve real ones. Talent gap, however, is not because we have no sufficient number of punch professional talents, but talent is concentrated in the theoretical research and development, instead of our country's enterprises need to press brake machine applied talents and service personnel. Therefore, the current our country's talent problem mainly involves two aspects, on the one hand, is a talent pool and training in the field of demand is not sufficient; On the other hand is too serious brain drain phenomenon. Some primary school students said that their own smoke a lot of classmates have bought these sugar, they are all carrying the teacher good parent secretly to eat, some students even imitate adult appearance, use forefinger and middle finger, the sugar mouth diao, plausibly, deep breath.
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