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Taiwan punch will promote insurance consumption as skills innovation point of the mission

by:Ragos     2021-04-16
childish experience overseas, from Taiwan to build is applied the most invalid nc tool again. General Taiwan press brake machine tool after complete the numerical control transformation, can significantly improve the processing, automatic and intelligent frequency and level of cutting tool. After simultaneous, cutting tool and the machining precision greatly increased, composed of artificial mistake yield increased significantly. General press brake machine tool numerical control transformation and new tool match, especially obviously heavy, bending machine, special tool. Tool use rate more and more now, but the world's most all knives are generally cutting tools, this kind of small cutting tool widely have safe sex, consumption frequency, low quality, this will beg for our press knife block to the numerical control block. Thus we can see in Taiwan punch tool safe sex and improving consumption frequency, bending machine tool transformation and can touch the enterprise innovation, so that enterprises have a fresh lymphatic, block is getting better and better. Increased operating the risk of exposure to sexual orientation; Futile and operation interface is more and more consistent human-machine fortification of begging, bending machine is invalid can hold the mistake rate, reduce the accident due to wrong attack. On the basis of previous press reform experience of Taiwan, after general cutter numerical control transformation, cutter frequency is obviously improved. Is our country, and then build is just emerging, the cities and large deploying. Simultaneous, increased intensity of workers rest, frugal Labour, homemade cycle and consumption cycle extended the new goods, bring huge economic benefits. Originally a tool needs a collective grasp, modified once workers can simultaneous control two knives. Normal heavy cutting tool, as long as the new cutter 1/3 of the cost of purchase. Are luxury profit of simultaneous, frugal for numerical control transformation can also heavily restore ancient ways of echo power cost and emissions purification. Nc tool to develop joint is the use of technology innovation and technological transformation, the transformation traditional assets combined with block new assets, generally point combined with unilateral increase, bending machine and will promote safe consumption as the technical transformation point of the task. Tool after numerical control transformation, obviously improve safety function lost and accident rate increased significantly, will lead to huge safety benefits.
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