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Reveal precision punching machine can be widely used so secret

by:Ragos     2021-03-08
Today is Friday, August 30, 2019. August the first lunar month. For everyone today disclosed precision press brake machine can be widely used so secret! Don't smoking ~ jing don't surprise? Don't stimulate ~ ~ hum ( On the blackboard) We all know, fine press brake machine using motor driven pulley, the belt drive pulley rolling passive, active, and then touch the active crankshaft pulley, use reverse rolling crankshaft crankshaft gear forward propulsion of stamping actively, the initiative of the crankshaft crankshaft by at the same speed and reverse rolling, with four groups of crank connecting rod in advance on which the synchronous movement of touches, the four connecting rod shaft by the sliding of 2 pieces of equipment connection below the department activities, and four connecting rod below repeat forward movement up and down reciprocating sliding punch in the upper die and lower die and mold by stamping sheet in which the relative motion. Fine punching from press brake machine outside appearance of discharging work ( Sequence) Piece of plate parts or equipment. Stripper plate is raw materials or work ( Sequence) A discharge from the punch of the stationary or activity type plate shape parts. Stripper plate is made, sometimes with guide plate and guide material role, still say the stripper plate. Discharge screw is fixed on the pressure unloading board screw, used to restrict oftaliban stripper plate stationary position. Precision punch in order to improve precision press brake machine service life, it is necessary to avoid sunlight directly shine and other thermal radiation, but also avoid too moist, excessive dust or corrosive gas. After make the electronic components were easily corrosive gas corrosion, lead to poor contact phenomenon or short circuit between components and affect the normal operation of the CNC press brake machine press.
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