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Requirements of national standard on the punch to the mold parts

by:Ragos     2021-04-03
National standard press mold parts data is higher than general parts. Due to the working conditions are also different types of stamping die, the position of henan punch so die demand data also have different parts of the press, finishing below the specific requirements of national standard punch die: watt died about homework sheet stamping die parts of timber demand high wear resistance and hardness of demand information, deep throat press in addition to the demand for steel plate punching die with external high wear resistance, compressive yield point, to prevent cracking or broken mold, but also has high cracking resistance, high bending strength and resistance. Demand of ten thousand tons. Drawing modulus according to the demand data of molded parts excellent adhesion resistance ( Resistance to bite) , high wear resistance and hardness, must be stronger, better tolerability press brake machine factory processing function, and the heat treatment deformation is small. Seconds. Knead cold model of mould operation part of the information demand requirements with high strength and hardness, high wear resistance, in order to prevent the impact fracture, press brake machine factory but also to have certain resistance requirements of press manufacturer. Because when the large press brake machine accessories warming occurs, so should have certain heat exhaustion and heat hard.
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