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Repair the CNC punch press returns bedding is how is going on?

by:Ragos     2021-05-21
On the first turn on the turret press brake machine press mold copy down, remember that. 30 points, and 58 location, Know what type you use) Whether the program after contrast with the one on the turret to, general RO ( Round) Nothing changes, OB ( Waist hole) And RE ( Long hole) To pay more attention to the direction, there is the direction of the toolings, for example the shutters. So easy to fix press brake machine. Ask Lao shifu G code, M code. Can sometimes fix press brake machine press, such as G70 empty go G92 G93 axis is positive, M510 M690 - Mould replacement, pay attention to the direction, upper die and lower die must implement. The burrs grinding lower die and workpiece blanking burr on the large grinding mode. Mainly pay attention to safety, especially in feeding, standing on the safety at work, also have a responsibility to prevent others to enter the danger zone.
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