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Relevant personnel necessary to identify the risk of punch stamping operations

by:Ragos     2021-01-23
1, the press brake machine press equipment structure with the danger. Appropriate part of the stamping equipment selection is rigid clutch. It is to use the CAM make clutch engagement or release, once the joint operations, it must be after the end of a cycle will continuously. Assumed in the loop in the hand is not out of the mould in time, it is bound to happen on hands. 2, action is out of control. in the job would have been often intense impact and oscillation, make some parts deformation, wear, so that rupture caused the equipment movement out of control and risk even rushed or disturbance. 3, switch failure. Press the switch control system of misoperation caused by man-made or external factors. 4, the perils of the mould. mould for the parts processing and molding of the main functions, is the whole system of energy release. Because of punch die design is not reasonable or defective, without considering the workers in safety when using, when operating hand going directly into mold talent over homework or often, thus increase the injured perhaps. Defective mould is perhaps by reason of wear, deformation or damage in the accident under the condition of normal operation and cause trouble. 5, during the stamping operations, stamping machinery and equipment, mould, homework way had a great influence on safety. In stamping issue is perhaps the dangerous parts of stamping equipment, but occur between the mold schedule for most, and the damage parts mainly operators of hand, when the operator's hand in a mould schedule between modules, will form at hand. This is equipment defects and faults of the disturbance.
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