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PV3200 CNC planer machine technical parameters and configuration system

by:Ragos     2021-06-27
The specific parameters of machine tool features: 1. The machine frame with steel plate welding and become, after vibration aging eliminate stress, prevent deformation of the fuselage 2. This machine is with Japan's mitsubishi CNC system, and correct positioning precision. 3. All adopt ac servo motor drive, can be exempted from clean carbon brush work, maintenance free. 4. Head adopt Taiwan high precision ball screw drive and servo motor drive, to achieve high speed and high torque. 5. The machine adopts hydraulic clamp and hydraulic pressure plate independently, to ensure the plane trough artifacts and firm, high stability. Technical parameters of model: PV3200 PV4200 technical parameters of the unit PV3200 mm0 processing plate thickness. 3 - Processing board width mm9-6 Processing board length mm500-1600 Feeding speed 3200 M/min11/13/16 mm/cut speed min500X axis tool post biggest KW3 mm3200X axis servo motor power. 5 weight Kg1100 fuselage mm4400 * 2400 * 2080 standard ( 1) The original system (Japan mitsubishi CNC system: 2) Hydraulic system: American helwig and hydraulic system, 3) Taiwan linear guide rail (of silver 4) Ball screw: Taiwan (of silver 5) Japan mitsubishi servo motor: ( 6) Electrical parts: France schneider ( 7) Fuller dao plane slot knife: Sweden imported from plane ( 8) With top bracket 4 ( 9) Work lighting 1 CNC system configuration mitsubishi CNC system. 3 axis (axis number: X, Y, Z axis) 2. Display the color (colour: 640 * 400 lattice) 3. Input mode: touch control, input 4 dialogue way. Driving mode: the digital ac servo motor 5. 6 position detection: the absolute position encoder. Absolute/incremental programming 7. 8 metric system transformation. The smallest unit of setting: 0. 01 mm9。 Data input: MDI input processing data, simple and quick. User as long as the input number, thickness, plate length, V groove depth, the feed quantity each time, automatic calculation processing program. 10. Storage application number: 128 ( About 6000 workers) 11. Number in 1 - set slot number: work Is between 50, can in a clamping planing at most 10 same groove depth of the pit; The artifact Numbers for 51 - When 60, can on the sheet metal cutting depth of 20 different grooves; Workpiece number is 81 - 90 May be the same cutting depth of 50 pit slot. 12. Program capacity: 256 kb13. Working temperature: 0 ℃ - 45℃14. The normal temperature: - 30℃- 60℃15. The (behind Y) Repeat positioning accuracy: + / - 0. 05mm
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