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Punching machine structure is simple and widely application

by:Ragos     2021-04-24
is widely used in various industries, punch than electric punch operation is much more simple, is traditional and practical, because for the user's requirements is not high. Tilting type punch items must be in strict accordance with the requirements put, not random. While going off work such as upper and lower mold has a bit or unfinished clamping should work on them is strictly prohibited. Shut off the main power supply work, shut off the power supply box. Tilting type press working by hand carry before flywheel for transfer or button on or off, shall not be suddenly starting, and check the following situation. is powered by artificial after transformation of the press itself to complete the whole stamping process, the basic principle of press brake machine and electric punch is the same, the main difference is the source of power, punch factory to give you detail introduce the working principle of the punch. Have to check the machine tool lubrication system, mechanical system is normal. The filling lubricating oil a cabin pumps, to prevent dry grinding crankshaft copper set and set rail strain. Must check whether the clutch, brake flexible to use, the foot pedal, tie rod, mold plate, screw, and the transfer device for loose phenomenon. has simple structure, simple than electric punch, punch the drive is external hand rocker arm and the internal gear, at the time of processing, operators rocker turn the handwheel by hand, realize the circular motion, through punching gear to grasp in the fuselage of vertical movement, and join the lever to control, when need stamping, artificial press down or lift the lever, to control the landing of the punch slider is raised, combined with related mold, can achieve the corresponding products. is the small punch factory main mechanical hardware accessories processing, press brake machine factory still has certain market demand.
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