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Punching machine noise is the main means of sound insulation cover set punch

by:Ragos     2021-05-06
, the technique of noise management set press brake machine for its sound insulation cover, higher requirements on enterprises can also be combined with vibration equipment, such as acoustic screen cover comprehensive management. sound insulation cover planning considerations: does not affect the service life of the equipment itself, convenient search operation workers and equipment protection, sound insulation cover their service life extension, manufacture and installation period is too long, field device not affect workers' daily operation, etc. The current processing plate punch the noise a long way to go. 1, a fixed plate punching the workshop reverberation time and noise source of the noise value: refers to the indoor reverberation time arrive steady state noise, sound the residual noise in the room and absorbed by the source of the wall reflection, even one over one million of the energy density reduced to originally. Reverberation time is longer, it indicate that sound is reflected in the workshop several times, the energy attenuation rate is slow, in the same source of reverberation time of the workshop of the reverberation time workshop noise is big. 2, punch workshop sound-absorbing materials selection: sound insulation board, a total of five parts, the sound-absorbing cotton with the noise of the perforated plate hole, part of the energy is converted into heat energy through the glass wool and silk oscillation of the cost, the other part from the outer layer of the steel plate separation, absorption oscillation can be Shared. 3, sound-absorbing board seal processing: because the whole production line closed processing is more small sound-absorbing board joining together into a closed body, thus to ensure that the noise reduction effect, in the planning and production needs to manipulate each sound-absorbing board, the gap between general is 1 ~ 2. In order to influence the noise reduction function, try not to make noise after gap usually use sealant to seal the gap. 4, press brake machine workshop ventilation treatment: because press operation of heat, plus the glass wool insulation performance, with acoustic data are often higher than the outside 3 ~ 5 ℃, the temperature in noise control engineering, in a closed production line, usually at the top of the sound barriers exhaust fan device, draw close the hot air inside the space, and then press form internal negative pressure, sound barriers within the outside air to enter. Low noise fan in exhaust fan selection, in order to prevent the influence of the noise effect. in the process of operation, its value is in commonly 90 - noise 120dB( A) In between. When people live in high noise environment, present hearing sensitivity may drop, sleep less, simple fidgety. Severe will present the hearing damage, cardiovascular system, nervous system and system problems, such as simpler than normal circumstances present fatal cancer disease. Say so, about the punching machine manufacturer, making a punch in the planning requirements of punching parts for processing, noise above was punching small make up to sort out the detailed treatment methods.
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