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Punching machine manufacturing technology level obviously lag behind in our country

by:Ragos     2021-03-12
professional achieved in recent years, our country must results, but we also should see the bottleneck problems in China. Skill set's vision has been the domestic press professional shortcomings. Compared with the foreign press bed occupation, punch professional in the production process of our country level significantly lagged behind, in the skill level and there are serious lack of running speed, etc. If you want to deal with this problem strong corresponding measures must be taken. Now, our country's press enterprises are lack of independent set different understanding. Not to be able to do further development. This has restricted the press brake machine. To deal with this phenomenon, different is the key that enterprises should increase skills support, in the press industry do carry out combined with vertical heterogeneous, clear the future to carry out the policy, to ensure product quality, speed up the press brake machine skills. Because, now in the economic underdeveloped situation in our country, most enterprises to carry out the strategy of short-sighted, skill set is particularly slow. Therefore, relevant government departments should give support jointly promote punch professional development. as a kind of important processing things, the future of our country high skill industrial development has an important effect. Both companies are still is the government, therefore, should try our best to promote the punch professional development in our country.
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