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Punching machine manufacturing high quality development is an important power

by:Ragos     2021-05-12
First of all, the punching machine manufacturing industry is a national source of skills. part of many manufacturing, CNC punch press product emerge in endlessly, the improvement of the mechanical press products space is big, therefore have almost infinite state space. In contrast, resource industry and services, make different space is relatively limited. Resource industrial development to today, its mining skills are very sophisticated, forward the space is very small. In such conditions, rich resources is often not the Gospel of a country or a region, as a result of the social attention will focus on the plunder of resources, thus formed very simple deformation of industrial structure and the risk of erosion. And service skills on space also is very small, simple form excessive & other Set different & throughout; 。 For example, the United States in the 1990 s after financial liberalization, financial standing differences emerge in endlessly, expands the financial part of the agile, then form the excess of the entire economy & other; Gold melting & throughout; , on the real economy has formed a serious of kneading, intermediate skills and migrate to the overseas enterprise, punch manufacturing slump, jobs disappeared in the middle. The tear of American society, the economic structure has a lot to do with its deformation. Second, the press brake machine manufacturing is the power of the development of high quality services. In many developing countries, in the service sector planning than manufacturing industry, but it does not mean that their industrial structure is perfect. Services on the contrary, these countries are low-end like domestic service, catering services, finance, insurance, design, consulting and education share of the high-end service industry is very low. High-end services must be rendered after the national income reached a certain level, and progress in the early levels of income, can only be supplied by punching machine manufacturing industry. manufacturing industry, on the other hand, the development of itself, also gave rise to high quality services for enterprises. The nature of the service industry is one of in the service of press brake machine manufacturing; No sophisticated punching machine manufacturing industry, is impossible to have a good services. Third, the punching machine manufacturing industry is a country in the world maintain its leading position in the market competition is the key. Keep the world competitiveness not only to sell the products to other countries, especially in order to improve its economy to create added value, keep the domestic economy. Many developing countries have a lot of resources, but always in the low-end of the industrial chain, world into world trade division of labor in the trap cannot extricate oneself. Investigate its reason, is because of its industrial base is too thin, unable to produce high value-added products. Else, because there is no decent industry, many developing countries have to rely on imports to supply the People's Daily consumer goods, once the present world market supply is serious or the status of their own currencies, domestic prices would skyrocket, and form a social unrest.
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