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Punching machine manufacturers to be listed in nasdaq need what conditions

by:Ragos     2021-05-09
Since many ChuangYeGu listed news quickly burst open, a lot of press manufacturer first contact to the nasdaq the word, what exactly are the nasdaq small make up before has been told before, today to add is listed on nasdaq and what conditions. Press enterprises nasdaq conditions press brake machine to listed on nasdaq, as long as meet the following three conditions and a principle, can apply to the SEC in the United States and NASDR listed. 1, prerequisites: biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, science and technology (hardware, software, semiconductor, network and communication equipment >, joining, manufacturing and retail chain services company, economically active expired more than a year, and has high growth, high development potential. 2, negative conditions: tangible net worth over us $five million, or the latest annual pre-tax profit in more than $seven hundred and fifty thousand, or the most recent three years two years pre-tax income of over $seven hundred and fifty thousand, or the company capital stock ( 市值) In the $fifty million yuan of above. 3, positive conditions: after reviewed by the SEC and NASDR, public ownership needs to have more than 300 people ( NON- Ipos have to set up a holding company in foreign countries, the original shareholders and must be more than 300 people) Can be listed, the so-called public ownership in the United States with the manual ( SEC手动) Points out that public shareholders hold shares will need in the whole of the above, and the circulation of the whole stock is the basic unit of 100. Press manufacturer standard a nasdaq listing standards ( 1) Shareholders' equity amounted to $15 million; ( 2) A recent fiscal year or in the recent 3 years in the past two years have a $1 million pre-tax income; ( 3) Public ownership of 1. 1 million; ( 4) Public ownership of the value of $8 million; ( 5) The purchase price per share at least $5; ( 6) At least 400 shareholders holding more than 100 shares; ( 7) 3 a market-maker; ( 8) Shall meet the requirements of corporate governance. Standard ( 1) Shareholders' equity amounted to $30 million; ( 2) 1. 1 million shares of public ownership; ( 3) Public ownership of the market value of $18 million; ( 4) The purchase price per share at least $5; That is about the press brake machine manufacturer listed on nasdaq and what are the conditions of all content, reference in these regulations, press brake machine enterprises listed on the nasdaq to should be implemented step by step. Of course, if there is doubt, can get more knowledge in this website search keywords.
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