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Punching machine manufacturer has revealed how to adjust the punch tape feeder

by:Ragos     2021-05-09
Relevant information about the punch tape feeder, a specific to our leakage here let's again today, no matter where you are is can through various methods of consultation to our company, we must do our best to satisfied your requirement. 1. , feed length change big, adjust the roller rocker bearing must have a beginning. If the feed length change big, rocker arm and pull rod perspective will change, at this point to be rotating rod, the punch press stop at the top dead center position, the rocker arm and tie point is 90 degrees, to prevent radial or transmission shaft fracture. 2. After replacement mold, must have a beginning punch feeder feeding height adjustment. Stamping process to use multiple sets of stamping die, and different mold mold line height each are not identical, as long as to ensure the feeder feeding height and height with high mold data line, to make the feeding accurately and smoothly. 3. High-speed press brake machine, practice feeding width is minus 10 mm (wheel standard on the current Because of its keep-off wheel to prevent partial material) , no more than the size, otherwise will cause: feeding accuracy of instability, is apart from banning, and forming roller parts damage. 4. Of the punch machine, feed length should try than inching slightly longer. Roller feeder continuous stamping production are needed before inching try to rush to conclude that feed length, while inching due to inertia brake, feed length will be longer, when practice continuous production without the inertia brake, feed length will be shorten, and high speed punch machine, the length of the adjustable should try than inching slightly longer. feeder is according to the market demand, our country independent set, developed a new product, can be adapted to the small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) using CNC products. High-speed dedicated feeder coil, sheet material, the feeder have higher accuracy, no gas not electricity, speed and press brake machine synchronization, and environmental protection, and time, also greatly reduces the labor intensity.
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