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Punching accuracy is through whole out of each part

by:Ragos     2021-04-26
is to use a set of mould, this set of mold processing work when demand for correct contact sports. correct contact exercise routine is precision punching machine, punching machine precision practice mainly reflects in: a, parallelism, second, the straight degree, three, total space. Die contact movement is not correct, in addition to shorten the product accuracy and die life, will also lead to the mould is not easy to assemble, cannot use fine mold, and severe vibration noise will happen. The precision of the fruit punch press, press brake machine press is very important. The stand or fall of punching precision directly affects the precision of the stamping products, mould life. Press the precision of the practice of punch is not affected by the load is divided into three parts: the static accuracy and load ( Stamping) The dynamic accuracy. 125 tons punch stamping production practice fast dynamic accuracy is important, because of the usefulness of punch, the practical load change quantity is large, specifications have difficulty in the technology is so developed, so has not yet been integrated to formulate, the status quo is based on the accuracy of static accuracy to represent the punch. is a delicate machine, because the precision of a punch is through the punch the precision of the parts to the present, because of any part of a fault will be multiplied several extended precision press brake machine. Operation principle of punch press, mechanical press is driven by motor flywheel xu li, conduction to the crankshaft, flywheel will force from the crankshaft to circular motion force into a straight movement of the force, the force to push the slider work, thus for machining the workpiece. Press the accuracy of the fuselage. First, set sail from the machine body data, hydraulic presses the fuselage to supply the normal work of the press with the support, fixed and ensure safe. Fuselage rigid, safe sex is one of the largest impact of precision punching machine. Cast steel fuselage for die casting, a integrated, because use the casting processing method of the more special, its internal structure, make the fuselage resonance absorption effect is stronger than steel plate welding fuselage. Crankshaft for punching force transformation, is also the primary bearing arrangement. After the crankshaft is carbon steel by forging, turning, use fine crankshaft grinding machine for grinding, and then do hard chrome plating, nitriding processing. Makes the crankshaft strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance to ensure. Sliding block and guide precision. Slider is the direct work of press parts, cast steel is generally selected all casting, perhaps use casting steel milling. Slide block and the precision of guide is a general, open punch is commonly two guide rail, guide rail choose V and rectangular, v-shaped guide rail, also known as guide rail, guide rail has four piece of contact surface. Rectangular guide also calls the six sides guide, guide six pieces of contact surfaces. All of the guide rail plane all use guide rail grinding machine for fine grinding, leverage appearance in the process of equipment for measurement, and do research process to ensure the accuracy for the cooperation. Closed punch for four guide commonly, general right Angle type guide rail. Affect the primary reason for sliding block and guide precision machining accuracy and process equipment. equipment environment and suspension footing. Big tonnage punch, precision punching machine, fast punch in the device's demand in the casting shockproof pit to equipment, according to its different punch equipment for pouring hole pin bearing. Small punch generally selected shockproof footing on equipment. The equipment technology of punching machine. The stand or fall of craft is equipment directly select the precision of press. A press brake machine is won fifty percent of the reason lies in the process equipment. Assembly requirements will be all fine parts combined into one, each part can ensure 100% must be careful, assuming that the slider of fault tolerance is 2, the crankshaft fault tolerance is 3, so they are combined into a fault instead of 2 + 3 * 2 3 after all fault is 6, equipment hypothesis 2 fault occurred when the fault will arrive at 12, so the expansion of the equipment fault occurs when slim will double all the fault, doubled and re-doubled will also drop the accuracy of punching machine. The correct maintenance of the punch. 1. in the process of using, should be in accordance with the product manual of severe lubrication, punctual see if lubricating oil storage enough, check to see if the lubricating oil road unobstructed. 2. in the process of using time needs careful machine work if there is a sound, sliding block guide rail, bearing place whether there is wear and tear. 3. Should immediately stop overhaul maintenance found precision smaller. Punching accuracy to a all the accuracy, is a all fine part coordinate to ensure it together, any only to ensure the precision of a parts several parts are not desirable.
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