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Punch using special tools to meet production needs

by:Ragos     2021-04-28
Often needs using the forming mould or special mould, bridge main moulds, shutters, sink hole shape mould, double tapping screw thread hole mold, convex die, drawing die, compound die, etc. , using special or forming mold town to everyone progress produces power, but forming mould price is higher, usually 4 - general mold 5 times. In order to prevent mistakes, should pay attention to and comply with the following principles: (1) press brake machine mould device on the direction view, ensure mold intensive direction together. Correctly adjust mould stamping depth, (2) according to the requirements of each adjustment had better not exceed 0. 15mm。 (3) punch using low cutting speed. (4) plank to flat without deformation or cock. (5) punch forming prone to do the most far away from the clamp. 6 forming die down when using, should prevent forming operation: when all landowners punch stamping in accordance with the general stamping mould first, eventually forming mould.
punch to idling commissioning to avoid causing safety fault before using the
general press clutch is installed on the motor and the gearbox between the flywheel shell, with screw fixation, and the output shaft gearbox share a root, press the clutch play a very important role in the process of press brake machine operation, and we in use process should pay attention to what issues? What reason can lead to press the clutch in use process will have no reaction? Let's discrimination, the circuit if there is a problem, cracking, short circuit, loose coupling, etc can cause circuit can not join, then press clutch effect, so we need to daily circuit protection, maintenance, after check the way to eliminate and guard against the attack of the trouble. A second look at the foot switch, bolt into the socket, whether there is loose. Third rolling key tension spring, such as links to the tail of the bearing to see if there is damage or loose, if tension spring cracking that can replace a new tension spring; If the tail end of the scroll key link cracking, need to change a new key tail; Discriminant scroll button is damaged, if damaged, need to change the new scroll button and scroll button tail cracking will disable scroll button.

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