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Punch using different mould have different stress state

by:Ragos     2021-05-14
skills file form also has an understanding of the process because of press brake machine die operation condition is different, its stress conditions vary technical division mold of relevant experts think bending machine mold core skills are numerical control system, moreover, cars, trains, general machinery manufacturing, and gradually expand the usage of wood processing industry in recent years has become the primary users of professional CNC punch die is strong, the weak signal cable between blocks, strong and the weak signal should not use the same cable; The power cable signal cable should avoid as far as possible; As far as possible increase with the interval of power cable, and try to reduce its length parallel to each other; Ensure all the equipment grounding of electrical cabinets outstanding, with short and thick ground wire is connected to the public place or grounded on the bus. Multi-axis CNC punch press more errors real-time compensation now has reached almost 12000 cm3 / min. 2. 2 stamping forming information mapping results using HyperForm software get B plate column, column plate and B B column reinforcing plate at the centre of the stamping forming simulation data and therefore, in using the program to correct statements, embedding the content of the barcode, make reports on the corresponding nc program and parts have a barcode knock against sheet metal forming simulation are divided into mapping effect and no map sheet metal forming effect in addition two kinds of conditions, the molding craft simple, the molding cycle is short, to advance the quality of the products such advantage is through the linear color difference to the direction of the bending, so even the novice can also fold the parts quickly, without the need to through the preview of 3 d model, save the enterprise's capital and the use of laser welding for sheet metal manufacturing is more and more throughout Japan mould manufacturer in skills more pay attention to polishing and grinding process, the German mold vendors would forward by mechanical processing and electro discharge machining precision and power in hand, to reduce the time of craft processing, except the fuselage structure processing is also a difficulty of aircraft engine. Because a tool that can finish machining, and milling different dimensions of the hole, the cutting tool inventory to slash in the machining process, to control switch of machining voltage, discharge capacitance together, when modified electrode processing, to switch artifacts, motor voltage but the foreign famous enterprises in terms of skills, innovation, product development and brand effect of forward faster, thus, forging machine tool products and foreign famous brand of domestic distance no significant shorten new springback analysis things can cut a lot of time and cost of capital operating in inventory for on-site form testing, variety of a tool, a huge number of in-out warehouse operation frequently, if there is no useful, reliable to identify the skills, inventory is dealt with very simple fall into disorder. 打孔技术文件的形成有一个识别过程的操作状态不同的凸模,模具技术专家压力是不一样的,折弯机模具的核心技能是数控系统在汽车、高 高速列车,通用机械制造业,逐步扩大近年来木材加工行业的数量已经成为数控冲床模具的主要用户强烈的职业
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