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Punch to the further development of the formation of the punching machine

by:Ragos     2021-04-26
1, punching machine and punching machine processing goal is largely similar, punch is divided into general punching machine, punching machine and so on quickly, because the press demand a feeding system, so the volume generally are huge. Further development is 2, punching machine, punching machine, it deals with the punch needs independent feeding system, so the volume is small. 3, punching machine is divided into general punching machine ( Electric punching machine, the semi-active hydraulic punching machine) , active punching machine ( Also called active positioning punching machine, active para punching machine) , all active punching machine, super press brake machine, etc. 4, general punching machine without active positioning system, the equivalent of a deal with the problem of feeding small punch. 5, take the initiative to press brake machine on the basis of general punching machine increased the active positioning system, greatly improved the accuracy and speed of the punch, can be understood as an active control of high precision small punch.
press brake machine structure can bear larger impact
in the form of punch press machine is divided into eccentric punch and crank press. Lathe bed structure in the form of framework and open crank press, compared the structure rigidity is good, even on the load. Therefore, able to withstand the impact of the larger. The use of punch points for some? ( 1) Should take around without crack, without burr, diameter and center position is consistent, edge of green surface with the vertical as the standard. The error limit with the following provisions: 1) The upper hole diameter size must be less than 0. 5 to delete. 2) The hole bottom diameter size must not exceed 1 m. 3) Hole center deviation should not exceed 0. 7 the T-shirt. ( 2) Lock the safety switch.

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