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Punch stamping processing precision of control and testing methods

by:Ragos     2021-05-14
stamping machining precision and detection methods of how much you know? Here are the professional hydraulic press teacher tell you hydraulic press stamping machining of precision and detect method. In the process of press brake machine using and reflect on the precision should be current, found that didn't fit the rules, should be timely adjustment and maintenance, lest affect production quality, die life and punch function. A mission, mesa and slide block bottom flatness detection method is to repair surface according to the different direction of the leveling ruler in hydraulic press mesa, measured with a feeler gauge ruler overhaul and mission of parallelism, detection method is to use dial indicator of slide block bottom and the space mission mesa. On a 1000 mm length tolerance is commonly 0. 05mm。 Second, the stroke to the mission of mesa parallel detection method is to use dial indicator on the slider base table for longitudinal and lateral movement, with the mission of the dial gauge reading maximum difference for measurement. Zero tolerance on 1000 mm length before and after. 13 mm, about the open press brake machine slider to only front slants down, punch in around 1000 mm length tolerance on 0. 10mm。 On the 300 mm trip allowance in 0. 05mm。 Three, stroke to the mission of straight degree testing method is to dial gauge fixed on the slider, and with the slider moves up and down, to fix a viewpoint of feet on the mission, the maximum difference in the dial gauge readings. The length of the trip in 150 mm tolerance on 0. 3 - 0. 4mm。 About the open press brake machine, slider down only when the bias on one side of the fuselage. Four, die hole centerline handle parallelism of stroke in slider handle pull out a test bar hole, the fastening on the mission to put a dial indicator, dial gauge thimble and repair touch rod surface, make the slider slowly up and down, read the biggest difference between the dial gauge readings. Pay attention to the accuracy of detection uniform for vertical and horizontal two straight direction measurement.
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