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Punch safety device application promotion is imminent

by:Ragos     2021-05-04
processing is one of the warp and woof of machining process, occupies an important position in the industrial production. Because stamping processing and high power, good quality, low cost, widely used, therefore, punch in the machine tool use ratio is very high, but the punch is a greater danger of machinery, commonly known as & other; Slot machines & throughout; , attack the operator's finger was blocked Numbers are staggering. Calculated according to the relevant materials, the punch hand now trouble rate is more than three times the rate other mechanical damage issue. Shearing machine, bending machine, hydraulic press, punch press, such as machine tool is a common machine tool factory, collectively known as rice gold machine. Because there is no reliable maintenance device, the machine operators once we don't have energy or physiological syncope syndrome, simple form his hands and head of disability. In the modern industrial output, especially punch machine tool operation characteristics are carried out in the direction of high precision, high speed, high automation. As is known to all, because of the fast rhythm and the stamping production materials has been up and down, press blunt pressure, speed, when working in every process in a very short period of time almost end, easy to make the operator fatigue on energy and brawn. Operation punch equipment, certain parts of the human body to enter the press to avoid danger zone, it is not safe for the operators, stamping disturbance attack unceasingly, also influence produces power together, the direct economic loss of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. To this end, we must choose maintenance system, to prevent the outbreak of this kind of situation, make safety guaranteed, then ensure the smooth progress of industrial production, prevent the onset of major disturbance inductrial injury. Hydraulic press security maintenance system is stamping equipment safety operation, avoid personal issue one of the important functions of fittings. With CNC punch speed, many systems have all three areas, flash need security maintenance device and habits, and according to stamping bed safety skills for independent research and development of high-precision screen, can be used to CNC press brake machine tool to carry out the requirements for this. System such as to form a complete set of automated processing equipment in service, would improve the operating environment of the operator and produce power, ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. In the modern industrial output, press operation characteristics are carried out in the direction of high precision, high speed, high automation. Because of the fast rhythm and the stamping production materials has been up and down, easy to make the operator on the energy and brawn exhausted, simple form his hands and head of the disability issue, therefore, planning device security maintenance device in the press, is a very an important mission. Security maintenance skills have a lot of domestic and foreign existing stamping bed, commonly used in photoelectric maintenance system, mechanical maintenance equipment, hydraulic equipment maintenance, etc. Habit to trend of industrial automation, for social workers work with maintenance value also constantly improve, many industrial countries in the world to the security requirement of the machinery and equipment is more and more severe, like the European Union countries implement equipment is a such as CE certification responsibility. Ec countries each specification to harmony, the ec standard committee made the unification of the European norms, rules of machinery and equipment, as long as meet the safety requirements that achieved CE sign after being promised to sell and use in the European Union market.
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